Maui Babe® lotions love your skin! With what founder Joe Rossi calls, “A gift from God,”… and perhaps it was. The day was beautiful and sunny as it usually is on Maui, and Joe had a problem. The United strike and Gulf War had dealt a crushing blow to his once profitable flower shops. The family home was in the process of being foreclosed, bill collectors were hounding him, and the future looked bleak for him, his wife, and four children. He had no idea what to do to get them out of this mess. Needing to be alone to think, he climbed up on the roof of the old house to sit in the sun. He took with him his coffee, the old baby oil, and iodine tanning mixture. And he talked to God. With hands held out and eyes lifted to the heavens, he asked for help. He told God that he didn’t know what to do. He asked God to guide and help him find a way to take care of his family. When he was done praying, he was sitting and eyeing the baby oil, which is when he got the urge to pour his coffee into it. That evening he started adding in fresh Aloe and Kukui Nut oil like the Hawaiians use for sunburns. He mixed and cooked, and within a week, he had perfected the formula.

He filled some plastic bottles, passed them out, and it was not long before people were coming to the door saying, “I need some more of that great stuff!! Look how tan I am!!!”The house did indeed foreclose, and the family had to move to an old rental home, which is where Joe made and bottled Maui Babe down in the tiny basement. With Maui Babe being established in 1996, it quickly spread through the islands and became the #1 selling tanning oil in Hawaii. Now Maui Babe can be found both domestically and internationally!

Joe believed with all of his heart that God answered his prayers.

Today, Maui Babe continues to be a family owned and operated business in Maui, Hawaii. Our goal is to provide the best suntan lotions and skincare products to all of our Maui Babes. We love what we do and care about all of our Maui Babes! It is with an infinite amount of aloha and passion that we do what we do. We welcome you to our Maui Babe ohana with open arms and carry an infinite amount of gratitude for each and every one of you.